Militariada 2014 was a special event for Dezamet SA

data: 2014-06-16

Militariada 2014 was a special event for Dezamet SA. This year's edition was an inauguration of the celebrations of the 75-th anniversary of the factory.

Ammunition Plant No. 3 in Nowa Dęba started its operation within the Central Industrial District activity . The Plant was foundations for the development of the new Nowa Dęba city. The city surrounding by forests and military training ground has been rented to exercise by NATO troops. Through a Special Economic Zone the city has also attracted new entrepreneurs and does not forget about such an important sector of the economy, which is a production. – “75 years have passed very quickly” - summed up the president Leszek Pabian. – “This is an anniversary promising stability in the coming period. Dezamet S.A. was the basis on which a the town was erected and has developed alongside the factory.

As in previous years Dezamet has presented at its stand the products that are currently manufactured in the plant. The mortar ammunition and the grenades have attracted great interest of the viewers.

Photo gallery below.

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