40x53 mm HV ammunition

40x 53 mm  HV ammunition is designed to be fired from automatic grenade launcher Mk.19 mod. 3, H&K GMG, CIS 40 AGL and other automatic grenade launchers compatible with NATO standards.

Cartridge versions offered:

  • 40mm HE round - NGA-O
  • 40mm practice round - NGAC
  • 40mm practice with marker round - NGA-M
  • 40mm practice with tracer round - NGAC-T
  • 40mm practice with marker and tracer round -NGA-MT

Ammunition manufactured under Nammo Raufoss AS license:

  • 40mm HEDP round - NGKO
  • 40mm radio- frequency HEDP round - NGKO RF

  40x53 mm HV ammunition

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