40x46 mm LV ammunition

40x46 mm LV cartridges offered by Dezamet are designed to be fired from the 40 mm grenade launchers GSBO-40 and GPBO-40 also produced by Dezamet, or alternatively from other 40 mm grenade launchers with the same design parameters, eg. M79, M203, etc.

Available types of 40 x 46mm LV rounds:

Combat ammunition

  • NGO-N1       40 mm HE round with self-destruct
  • HEDP-40      40 mm HEDP round – in development phase

Practice ammunition

  • NGC-N         40 mm practice round
  • NGB-N         40 mm practice round for ballistic purposes

Training/ Practice ammunition

  • NGB-N1       40 mm practise round
  • NGT-N1        40 mm training round
  • NGC1-40      40 mm practice round
  • NGC2-40      40 mm practise round with tracer
  • NGM1-40     40 mm marker round
  • NGM2-40     40 mm marker with tracer round

Tactical ammunition

  • NGOS-N        40 mm illuminating round
  • NGD-N          40 mm smoke round
  • NGDR-N        40 mm multi-smoke round

Non-lethal ammunition

  • NGPG-N        40 mm stunning/incapacitating round (rubber baton)
  • NGHB-N        40 mm flash-bang round
  • NGK-N           40 mm multi-rubber balls round
  • NGG-N           40 mm tear gas CS round – in development phase

  40x46 mm LV ammunition

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