Quality Policy and Certificates


DEZAMET is a known and significant producer of modern ammunition for the purposes of the Ministry of Defence and for export. It is also involved in the development of civilian production for the international market.


The overall policy objective of our company is to produce goods and offer services of high quality in environmentally friendly conditions, thus ensuring complete safety of employees and customer satisfaction with their use.

DEZAMET has implemented respective policies through the following strategic objectives:

  • a conviction that each employee is responsible for the quality,
  • improving the qualifications of staff to meet the market requirements, including requirements of the Integrated Management System and keep up with technological progress,
  • continuous improvement in environmental issues,
  • fulfilling legal requirements,
  • improving the safety and systematic identification and elimination of potentially accidental events,
  • applying high standards in relation to suppliers,
  • ensuring appropriate resources to implement this Policy,
  • continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.


The overall policy is the production of goods and services with high quality, in environmentally friendly conditions, thus ensuring complete safety and customer satisfaction.

The company constantly improves and develops an Integrated Management System in line with international standards:

  • PN - EN ISO 9001 and AQAP - 2110
  • PN - EN ISO 14001
  • PN-N-18001
  • Requirements of Internal Control System

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