New production and storage complex at ZM Dezamet

data: 2020-12-14

On the premises of Zakłady Metalowe DEZAMET S.A., a part of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, a ceremonial opening of a new production and storage building took place. The project is part of a company’s production potential development plan, among others within the implementation of KRAB, RAK, KRYL and TYTAN programs.

The scope of the works executed included, among others, renovation of the existing buildings by adapting them to the applicable requirements and construction of huge reinforced concrete embankments and other elements of the safety system. As a result, ZM DEZAMET will obtain 1000 m2 of storage space for artillery projectiles and other products coming off the production lines.

Many years of orders for REGINA and RAK fire modules translate, for instance, into increased competitiveness of the plants responsible for these solutions. The system achieves full effectiveness only with appropriate ammunition. The ZM DEZAMET development plan envisages the expansion of production capabilities for supply of ammunition not only for the needs of the national armed forces, but also for potential foreign customers – said Hubert Stępniewicz, Member of the Management Board of PGZ S.A.

In the new production and storage building, remote management of the buildings via the BMS system from the computer level was applied, among others. Employees responsible for safety and maintenance will be automatically notified via SMS and/or email about the conditions prevailing in the hall, including any system anomalies or failures, such as exceeding the set temperature or acceptable moisture level.

Due to the increasing volume of orders for artillery ammunition placed by the Polish Armed Forces, we had to obtain additional space. The new hall will allow us to “free up ” space in the remaining buildings, which opens up the possibility of further expansion of the production capacity for artillery projectiles, but also mortar bombs for the RAK mortars – said Tomasz Wawrzkowicz, President of the Management Board of ZM DEZAMET S.A.

Approximately 1,600 m3 of concrete, 400 tons of steel were used for the construction of the hall, and the so-called gabions (special 0.5 m wide baskets, designed to protect the entire complex against the impact of shock wave) were filled with approximately 2,500 m3 of sand.

ZM DEZAMET S.A. executes a number of contracts for the supply of ammunition for the Polish Armed Forces, including a contract, concluded in 2019, for the supply of 24 thousand 155 mm artillery projectiles used in KRAB self-propelled gun-howitzers, produced by the Consortium of PGZ CG companies led by Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. and a contract for 40,000 pieces of PG-15 armour-piercing ammunition. Recently, the company has completed tests of modern ammunition for 120 mm RAK self-propelled mortars.


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