XXII International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce

data: 2014-09-05

Between 1st - 4th September 2014 Dezamet SA took part in the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce. Among the presented products were: 60mm, 98mm and 120mm mortar ammunition, 155mm ammunition for the howitzer KRAB, 40 mm Weapon and Ammunition System SBAO-40 as well as 40mm ammunition for automatic grenade launchers.

Dezamet’s exposition was visited by many foreign delegations including those from:Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, Egypt and Ukraine.

On the last day of the exhibition Dezamet together with the Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka was awarded the Defender 2014 Award for the 120mm long-range cartridge with a fragmentation projectile for the 120mm self-propelled mortal "RAK". The award on behalf of the Dezamet received Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Grzegorz Niedzielski.


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