40 mm grenade launchers

There are two versions available: as a single-shot weapon GSBO-40 and in underbarrel version GPBO-40. This is a hand-held weapon intended for destruction and combat purposes against life targets and lightly armored enemy equipment:

  • an additional fire unit for soldier armed with a rifle model 1996 "BERYL" and AKM;
  • compatible with both conventional and special-purpose (incapacitating) ammunition;
  • configurable launcher for both left-handed and right-handed shooters;
  • lightweight, easy and convenient to use;
  • the design of underbarrel version of GPBO-40 allows for it manual conversion into a primary weapon to version GSBO-40;
  • grenade lifetime is min. 1000 shots, grenade mechanisms operate properly in a temperature range of + 55 ° C to - 50°C.



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