Zakłady Metalowe DEZAMET S.A. based in Nowa Dęba has signed an agreement for the supply of a batch of GPBO-40 40 mm single-shot under-barrel grenade launchers with the Armament Inspectorate.

The agreement covers the manufacture and delivery of GPBO-40 40 mm single-shot under-barrel grenade launchers to the Polish Armed Forces in 2021. – The last time we completed an order for this type of armaments was several years ago. It is natural that, as a manufacturer of many types of 40 mm blank, training, tactical, and combat rounds for single-shot grenade launchers, we also offer weapons. We hope that following a successful comeback, the GPBO-40 grenade launcher will become a permanent feature of our product range not only for the army, but also for other uniformed services – says Tomasz Wawrzkowicz, President of the Management Board of ZM Dezamet S.A.


The GPBO-40 40 mm single-shot under-barrel grenade launcher is designed to be mounted on 5.56 mm model 96 Beryl and 7.62 mm AKM assault rifles. It is designed to counter and incapacitate living targets, destroy technical devices, buildings, weapons, and lightly armoured combat equipment, deploy smoke screens or illuminate an area, depending on the type of ammunition used. Thanks to the modular design of the GPBO-40 grenade launcher, it is possible to modify the assembly and obtain the weapon in a stand-alone version (GSBO-40). The grenade launcher barrel used for loading can be tilted sideways to use ammunition with a non-standard (greater than standard) length.

Zakłady Metalowe DEZAMET S.A. manufactures a wide range of artillery, mortar, and grenade launcher ammunition. The company also provides services and sales in the field of manufacturing for civil purposes and metal processing and has an accredited research and measurement laboratory. The company has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Defender Award, awarded during the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce.