Machinning park


Vertical Milling Centers:

  • TAJMAC MCFV1260NT parameters x/y/z 1260/610/750 mm
  • MCFV1688 STANDARD parameters x/y/z 1650/810/810 mm
  • MAZAK VCN410A parameters x/y/z 560/410/510 mm

Horizontal milling centers:

  • MAZAK HCN 8800-II parameters x/y/z 1400/1200/1325 mm

Turning centers:

  • TRAUB, INDEX, TWIN, FAMOT, CTX, DECO TORNOS, MAZAK o parametrach fi do 565 mm, L do 1014

CNC lathes:

  • TRENS SBL500 parameters fi 405 mm L750 mm
  • TRENS SBL1500 parameters fi 405 mm L1500 mm
  • TAR630 parameters fi 630 mm L1500 mm

- Grinding machine Geibel und HOTZ FS420 dimensions max. detail 420/200/305, weight max. 150 kg
- Wycinarka drutowa MITSUBISHI FA10V dimensions max. detail 800/600/215, weight max. 500 kg



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