Established in 1939 within Central Industrial District- a large scale reform initiative, and formed a Munitions Plant No. 3.

After the war Dezamet continued with military production which was reinforced with civilian production within which new civilian and very successful products were systematically introduced; combustion engines for motorcycles, motor and boat engines, irons, kettles, and many other household appliances.

Between 1951-1990 the mission changed from mainly military to producing around 80% civilian products and employing in peak period around 5000 employees.

In the 80s, in connection with the crisis prevailing in Eastern Europe Dezamet also found itself at a difficult time. As a result of it restructuring Dezamet retained military profile only and separated other branches into newly formed entities. It was the biggest restructuring  in equity, capital and personnel in Dezamet history.

After the spin-off companies remained part of the enterprise Dezamet was transformed into a joint stock company and in such a form started from 10.24.1994 the business under the name of "DEZAMET Metal Works SA".

Since 1997, Dezamet continued to invest in machinery as well as modernization of facilities, making it possible to launch the production of new military products, improving production technology and quality of products, optimizing production costs and achieving savings in energy factors.

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