Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory in Dezamet is the only laboratory in the region accredited with as wide a range of tests and measurements. We have modern and appropriately supervised measuring and test equipment, which in combination with qualified and experienced team of professionals from various disciplines ensures the highest quality of services.

In addition to a reliable services and guaranteed satisfaction - confirmed by a survey carried out in each case, we provide our customers with analytical and measurement services in the field of:

Research at workplaces:

  • noise with the selection of hearing protection
  • dust (total dust, respirable dust)
  • free crystalline silica
  • lighting
  • chemical agents
  • general and local vibrations
  • sampling

Research in the environment:

  • traffic noise
  • industrial noise

Water and wastewater testing:

  • designation of dozens of indicators of chemical and physical methods including most accredited

Sampling for analysis of physical, chemical and microbiological:

  • wastewater
  • groundwater (including contaminated sites)
  • surface water (pools, lakes, rivers, streams)
  • water from power equipment and pipelines

Plating bath composition studies

Testing of materials to the implementation and improvement of products

Link do zakresu akredytacji DEZAMET S.A.

Pliki do pobrania:

Certyfikat Akredytacji Laboratorium Badawczego nr AB 1245.pdf (1.25MB)
Zakres Akredytacji Laboratorium Badawczego Dezamet S.A. (261.95kB)


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