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Projekty ue
Projekty ue
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Mission of DEZAMET Metal Works S.A.

To meet the expectations and requirements of users/customers, providing modern and reliable small arms and artillery ammunition as means of warfare for operational units of various types of armed forces.

To be a reliable supplier of modern technological solutions used in the production of ammunition for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces and other customers in foreign markets.

The high quality and reliability of the products is the safety of their users.

Our brand and the values associated with it distinguish Metal Works "Dezamet" from its competitors.
On a daily basis, we are guided by values that constitute a solid foundation on which we build the future of our company.

Core values

Customer focus


  • We build an ongoing relationship with direct customers and foreign clients
  • We listen to specialists/users and the information obtained is implemented in the technological process of production
  • We provide a wide range of means of warfare - small arms and artillery ammunition - adapted to the tasks and functions performed
Development and innovation


  • We implement modern solutions and technologies
  • We seek inspiration from experience gained in areas of immediate danger
  • We rely on creative people
  • We enable training and development of employees


  • We have modern machinery and production facilities, high professional qualifications and experience
  • We combine the latest technological achievements with the needs of user's operation tactics
  • We strive for the highest quality
  • We develop our competence and cooperate with scientists of scientific and research institutions


  • We operate in a professional and responsible manner
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection are important to us
  • We train our crew in occupational health and safety
  • We take responsibility for our actions and for the team we manage
  • We fulfill our tasks proactively and make timely decisions
  • We adequately protect confidential information
Collaboration and knowledge sharing


  • We employ qualified specialists and professionals
  • We are based on: timeliness, quality, trust and respect
  • We share the experience we have gained with the new generation of employees
  • We work as a team to find the best solutions for our customers/clients
  • We communicate with research centers and institutions of the Ministry of Defense
  • We put the success of the team first
  • We ask when we have doubts


  • We share a strong bond towards the company and a passion for the production tasks performed
  • We support the creativity and initiative of our employees
  • We train and further educate our employees
  • We are always with the user at training sites and provide professional support and assistance
  • We work to achieve the set goals
Honesty, integrity and loyalty


  • We are honest with ourselves and our clients
  • Our work is reliable and our word is a commitment
  • We are guided by honesty and ethics, and respect the company's property
  • We are loyal to each other, the company and domestic and foreign customers
  • We jointly build the company's values and good name
  • We conscientiously carry out tasks and, through our commitment to work, we achieve our goals